At SS Peter & Paul’s we offer a broad and balanced curriculum through which the children may grow and make progress in terms of knowledge and concepts to be learned; skills to be acquired and practiced and qualities to be developed by each pupil. We aim to make this provision through a creative curriculum, incorporating a variety of subjects and learning experiences in a stimulating Christian, family environment. We love learning and we are proud of it!

The children study the following subjects:

  • Religious Education
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Design Technology
  • Art and Design


The curriculum is arranged so that what is taught matches the needs, ability and aptitudes of each individual child.Each term parents are informed about what is to be taught during the coming term through our Newsletters.

Religious Education:  As a Catholic Primary School our aim is to teach and nurture the Catholic faith. We follow the “Come and See‟ Religious Education Scheme which is recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. We are privileged to have close links with the parish and share some of our liturgical celebrations during the year.

We work hard to develop an atmosphere where everyone has an opportunity to experience the love of Christ through sincere concern for one another and this Christian atmosphere provides the basis for the spiritual, intellectual, social and moral development of the children. We aim to consider the needs of each individual child and try to meet these needs.

Within our school we encourage a sensitive and reflective attitude to life in general. Prayers are an important part of our worship and we aim to enrich the prayer life of the children individually and in groups. We take every opportunity to celebrate our experiences and learning, especially in Collective Worship and by taking part in Sacramental preparation and celebrations. We aim to encourage and promote strong links with the local community and parents and friends are invited to as many of our celebrations as possible. We also aim to encourage parents to take an active part in their children‟s moral and religious development and meetings are held with parents as part of our Sacramental preparation, which also involves members of the parish community.

Parents have the right to request, in writing, that their child be withdrawn from Collective Worship and Religious Education lessons during school hours. In addition to formal teaching, religion occupies an important place in the whole life of the school. As a result, the withdrawal of pupils from formal RE or Worship would not isolate them from the informal religious experiences which the school gives.

Literacy:  Children gain access to many other areas of the curriculum through the development of the skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing.Through the provision of Literacy lessons in school we aim to:

  • Enable the children in our care to develop verbal and written communication skills, to the full potential of their ability, through a rich and varied programme of experiences.
  • Enable the children to read with understanding and pleasure material which is appropriate to their age and ability.
  • Enable the children to develop the confidence, enthusiasm and skills which are necessary to express their ideas and feelings meaningfully.
    At SS Peter & Paul’s we use a wide variety of resources to assist us with the teaching of phonics and reading in Key Stage 1. School resources include, the DfE Letters and Sounds resource and Jolly Phonics. The KS1 children use the Collings Big Cat resources as their reading scheme.


  • Within Numeracy lessons we offer the children a comprehensive foundation in all areas through a varied experience of the subject.Through the provision of Numeracy lessons in school we aim to:
  • Enable the children to tackle work independently and in an ordered and systematic way. In achieving accuracy children can experience great satisfaction and confidence in their own ability.
  • Enable the children to apply given knowledge to other tasks eg constructing tables of results, using initiative and imagination.
  • Enable the children to develop the skills of communication and cooperation within these tasks and the ability to explain their chosen method of working to others.

Science:  Children are renowned for showing great interest and curiosity in all that surrounds them. Through the provision of Science lessons in school we aim to:

  • Enable the children to acquire scientific knowledge about Life and Living Processes, Materials and their Properties and Physical Processes.
  • Enable the children to test and apply their knowledge which has been gained by understanding and using the scientific process of investigation, in order to consolidate such knowledge by their own reasoning and experiences.Enable the children to explore the many and varied instances of Science in everyday life, whilst growing in awareness of the importance of safety and matters relating to health.The skills which are acquired and developed in Literacy, Numeracy and Science are applied and enhanced through the additional curriculum subjects of Design Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art and Physical Education.Information and Communication Technology plays an ever increasing role in providing curriculum support as well as being studied in its own right as a curriculum subject.

ICT:  So as to implement the curriculum and to enable the assessment of achievement and evaluation of success our staff plan for programmes of continuous work using the Progression in ICT documents published by Lancashire County Council.

  • In many places, as a foundation for planning. Units of work are carefully planned at both Key Stages which meet the needs of the children and ensure a rich and balanced curriculum.A key to successful learning is the fact that children learn best when enjoyment enables understanding and there is a variety of learning experiences on offer to cater for the preferred learning styles of each child. At SS Peter and Paul‟s, we adopt a Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK) approach to learning ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn in a style which best suits their needs.

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